Meet some of the Friends

at Piebird Farm Sanctuary.

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About Piebird Farm Sanctuary

Piebird is a happy place.

This Summer, Piebird will celebrate it's 10th year of being a loving home for animal-friends and a haven for Earth-loving people like you! The sanctuary is supported by our vegan agri-tourism destination Piebird Vegan Farmstay, as well as the kindness of donations. Thanks for helping us expand our capacity and find meaningful ways for all of you to get involved.

The thing most special to us and the guests here is to be able to deeply celebrate the distinct personality of each special being that lives here. They are delightful individuals allowed to be who they are in a safe & loving place -- a place they can call home forever and ever. Wherever they come from and whatever their story, each of them are visions of pure love and trust. Each friend here shares the hope for a future of liberated beings. Each human and non-human animal at Piebird is an ambassador in some way for the others who haven't made it to sanctuary. May all find Peace.

"Farm Fresh Friendship"