Alias: Mercy-Man

Hobbies: Follow the leader, snuggling

Features: Flawlessly groomed sideburns and heart-shaped forehead hair

Mercy has recently achieved expert level status at Follow the Leader. Mercy man is particularly good at ensuring the appropriate amount of wiggling occurs prior to jumping off various platforms at Piebird.

Mercy's Story

Mercy and his sisters Libby and Freeda were all rescued from a goat dairy operation in Southern Ontario. All three of these babies arrived together as by-products of the milk industry, they were unsurprisingly very sick from neglect. Mercy was only two days old when we received him from the "kill truck" and needed an incredible amount of love and medical care. Very thankfully he survived and is now one of Piebird's superstar recoveries.

Sherry writes:

I remember Yan and I holding this sick little baby goat, he was 2 days old and we were trying to get the life back in him. He was a perfect looking little guy with the most adorable everything and I got that feeling of such vulnerability, for him and for my heart -- you know when you feel like you might explode with love? Oh, mercy me.

He struck such a combo of chords in me -- such love (while he was limp in my arms and Yan was preparing medicine, I cried on him until he was soaked) -- unabashed sorrow for the cruelty of humans combined with intense anger at the dairy industry that would place him on a kill truck and considered his life worthless. Finding mercy in securing his life, finding mercy within my heart for the people I have bad thoughts about who participate in the system. Within all that, thankfully we've found Mercy.

He has been named as a reminder of his life being spared and with a nod to the important work done by groups like Mercy for Animals Canada.

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