Piebird Farm Sanctuary

"Piebird is a Happy Place"

Piebird was started in 2005 by Sherry and Yan, as a loving home for animal-friends and a haven for loving-people like you. Piebird Vegan Farmstay naturally grew into a sanctuary as more and more animal-friends in need came to live and love here.

To us, the part of Piebird that is most special is the joyful depth that the individual personalities of each of the animal-friends are celebrated. We let the animals tell their story. It’s a simple story, a story of love. They will tell it with a little kiss, a warm nudge, or a still look that captures our hearts and moves us a little more into the world of love.

We believe these human-animal connections will allow people to see "farm" animals as friends and not as food or for service -- helping these individuals to then make the compassionate choice to go vegan. There is always life-changing, inspiring magic when we meet a new friend for the first time!

Our immediate future vision here at Piebird includes a couple years of steady growth for our sanctuary capacity. We invite you to be a part of the love!

Choose vegan

To be vegan is to step aside from the societal norm of entitlement and think about someone else besides yourself.

To be vegan is to say no to an ingrained system of animal enslavement and slaughter; it is acknowledging and rejecting the hierarchy that falsely places humans as the only ones who can feel pain, love, fear and stress.

To be vegan is to love without bias based on species, to love not based on what the creature can give you but what you can give to them.

Our promise to our animal friends

To the beings with whom we share our farm, we offer you freedom to be your fully realized selves, to wander the pasture, to snuggle in our arms if you want to, to doze in the sun, to live with your family of other adopted residents and when you pass away after a long happy life... we offer you the sought-after orchard to forever roam your days.

Our promise to the animal friends who don’t share our farm

We will continue to work for your freedom, to affect change in people's hearts & habits, and hope more recognize the connection between slavery and food. We promise to offer homes to as many of you as we can and we are sorry every day for the little space we do have to offer on our farm to save you. As humans, we ask for forgiveness for your suffering.

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